Introduction to The Wheel Blog

Welcome to The Wheel, a periodic installment of reflections on working with clay. To celebrate our fourth birthday in June, we looked for ways both to educate friends new to clay about the ceramic arts and to reflect on the powerful role that being a potter plays in our lives.

Think of The Wheel as one aspect of a long-running conversation we hope to share about the materials, the processes, and the products you’ll encounter at Mainly Clay. Certainly, as you visit us in the studio, you’ll see our collection of potter’s wheels. In their simplest form, they’re the vehicles for turning clay with water and human hands to create functional pots and vessels. More metaphorically, those wheels symbolize the turnings in our own lives: when we throw a formless lump of clay onto a wheelhead, spin it quickly, anchor our selves, steady our hands, center the clay, and find its balance. Finally, we open the clay to create new shapes—functional pots that do real work in our daily lives. You get the idea.

We hope you enjoy the observations in each edition of The Wheel, and we look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you in the studio. Welcome.

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